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Our Containers

The Mobile Attic portable storage containers are uniquely designed to be weather resistant as well as aesthetically pleasing. Unlike any other portable storage container, The Mobile Attic containers are designed with a slightly arched aluminum skin roof. They not only reflect heat, but water and snow will never collect on top.

Side panels are aluminum sheet and post with plastic inserts to protect the interior walls and provide insulation. With an aluminum track floor sturdily supported by a steel under-frame, up to 8000 pounds can be stored without any fear of the bottom falling through.

The Mobile Attic containers are built to withstand the elements and to protect your stored items. Our professional drivers are careful and courteous while delivering, moving, and picking up the Mobile Attic Unit. Some Mobile Attic containers are equipped with steel tracking systems to help secure your items. Additional items may be available, such as cam-buckle straps, moving boxes, moving blankets and padlocks for the storage unit.

Each Mobile Attic Dealer is locally owned and operated. Contact your local mobile attic dealer today to find out what sizes, specifications and services are available in your area.


Mobile Attic portable storage containers are an easy and cost effective solution for short term storage needs for homeowners and businesses. Our portable storage containers offer the flexibility to pack and unpack at your leisure, store the container on-site or off-site, and eliminate moving and transportation costs. Common short term uses include moving, renovation, repair, new furniture or equipment purchases, downsizing, spring cleaning, and inventory storage.


Mobile Attic will deliver a portable storage container to your home or office for long-term storage needs or can provide a solution for storage offsite at one of our locations if needed.  Mobile Attic portable storage containers are placed on ground level and are easy to load and unload at your leisure. Common long term uses include transitioning from a sold home while your new home is under construction, renovation, document and equipment storage, protecting an estate, warehouse overflow.


Our local Mobile Attic dealer will deliver a portable storage container (in the size that you request) to your home or business and place it in the area of your choice. You can store your items for as long as you like.  Your possessions are always within reach, there are no limited access issues.

When you no longer need the unit, empty the container and Mobile Attic will come pick it up.  It’s that easy!


Mobile Attic offers off-site storage solutions in secure areas for homeowners and businesses.  Your local Mobile Attic dealer will deliver a portable storage container in the size that you request to your home or business and place the container in the area of your choice.  You will then be able to pack the container at your leisure.  When you are ready to store the storage container, just call your local Mobile Attic dealer and they will pick the portable storage container up and move it to their facility for short or long term storage.

Reducing the stress of moving

Moving to a new home can be frustrating and challenging. Rule number one when planning a big move is to make a list. Make sure to label everything.  Boxes should be labeled on top, as well as at least two sides, to make it easy to find items.

Don’t forget about children and pets as they often do not understand packing and moving. They can become scared, upset and emotional. Here are a few tips that we hope can help you navigate your next moving experience.


Make a List

An easy move starts with a plan. Begin by making lists of what to pack, and how to organize items.


Organize items by room or by necessity to make unpacking more efficient.  Label boxes on top and sides so items are easier to find.

Purchase Extra Supplies

It is common to run out of packing supplies.  Many of The Mobile Attic locations sell additional packing supplies.

Pack Necessities Together

Make sure you can find necessities such as cleaning supplies, toiletries, kitchen essentials, and tools.

Pack Carefully

Be mindful when packing breakables. Use extra packing material and make sure to label boxes as ‘Fragile’ on multiple sides.

Be Mindful of Heavy Items

Pack heavy items in smaller boxes and lighter items in larger boxes. Label boxes so heavier boxes are not placed on top of lighter boxes. When packing the container, heavy items should go on the floor and away from roll up door.